ION EXCHANGE RESINS: Cation, Anion & Mixed Bed Resin; including Zeolite for water softeners. DOW, IONAC, PUROLITE, ROHM & HAAS, ETC. Resin Analysis of current resins is available.

ACTIVATED CARBONS: Liquid & Air Phase Carbons, (coal & coconut & lignite based), CALGON, NORIT, CECA brands available.

FILTER MEDIA: AWWA approved ANTHRAFILT Anthracite, Sand & Gravel, Manganese, Greensand, Birm, Filter AG, Garnet and Flint.

TANKS & CONTAINERS: Molded Plastic, Fiberglass, Steel or Stainless Steel tanks for most applications. Filter & softener tanks Non-Code or ASME Code. Softener Brine Tanks FRP and Polyethylene.

EQUIPMENT CONTROL & VALVES: Aquamatic, Cla-Val, Brunermatic, Fleck and STA-RITE. We stock spare parts for all the above valves!

MANHOLE COVERS & GASKETS: Handhole & Manhole covers, Weld Rings and Gaskets. Vessel interior lining: Epoxy and Cement!


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